ProF-SC: Prospective Family Study Cohort

In 2011, the National Cancer Institute provided funding for the Breast Cancer Family Registry to address some of the unanswered questions regarding the prediction of breast cancer risk in women from families with one or more affected family members. With this funding, we continued to follow over 11,000 Breast Cancer Family Registry families from the USA, Canada, and Australia, including over 4,000 breast cancer families from the San Francisco Bay Area.

More than 4,000 participants from the Bay Area completed this 15-year follow-up questionnaire either by mail or by phone interview. The brief questionnaire asked each participating family member to provide updates regarding changes that may have taken place since their last contact with Family Registry staff. Data collection is complete and analysis of the data is underway. The information that was collected will help us develop preventive actions a woman may take to lower her risk of developing breast cancer.