Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Family Registry

The official website for the Breast Cancer Family Registry, with information and links to the six individual registries. 

LEGACY Girls Study

The website for the LEGACY Girls Study, which is a joint effort of five North American sites of the Breast Cancer Family Registry to study the influence of lifestyle, environment and biology on pubertal growth and development in girls ages 6 to 13 years. 

National Cancer Institute

NCI provides easy to use and understand information regarding cancer prevention, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and research.

  • Follow the newsfeed to find up-to-date information
  • NCI’s Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool uses the “Gail Model”, which utilizes a woman’s own personal medical history, reproductive history and the history of breast cancer among her first-degree relatives to estimate her risk of developing invasive breast cancer over specific periods of time.
  • Learn about genetic testing and find a list of breast-cancer specific resources here.
American Cancer Society

The website provides information and resources, as well as information on events and volunteer opportunities.

California Cancer Registry

The California Cancer Registry serves the public by collecting statewide data, conducting surveillance and research into the causes, controls and cures of cancer and communicating results to the public. 


Understanding Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization for breast cancer education. This website includes a whole section on genetics as it relates to breast cancer.  It is written in language that is particularly easy to understand.

Medline Plus


A website created and maintained by the National Library of Medicine that assists users in locating authoritative health information.


Breast Cancer Advocacy



The website for FORCE:  Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered, an organization exclusively focused on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The information that is available on this website is extensive.

National Society of Genetic Counselors

The National Society of Genetic Counselors website offers a searchable directory for finding a certified genetic counselor by state and specialty.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition


The website of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, a national advocacy organization that lobbies at the national, state and local levels for policies that impact breast cancer research.


CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer.


Subscription website providing current news on breast cancer treatment and research on a daily basis.  You can try it free for two weeks.

Susan G. Komen

Website for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure, a non-profit organization and global network of breast cancer survivors and activists.  The website includes general information on breast cancer and news about the organization’s activities and events.

Breast Cancer Connections


Breast Cancer Connections is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and support to people dealing with breast health issues.  They also provide information about breast cancer resources throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

National Breast Cancer Foundation


The National Breast Cancer Foundation provides education, support and free mammograms. This organization strives to save lives through early detection.

Zero Breast Cancer

Zero Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization that promotes breast cancer risk reduction through translation of scientific research and evidence-based recommendations that support health and wellness at key stages of life. This organization shares integrated, scientific evidence-based information in order to educate and empower girls, women and communities.



Cure Magazine


Cure Magazine: Cancer Updates, Research, and Education

In The Family Documentary
The official website for the documentary “In the Family” by filmmaker Joanna Rudnick, who gives a very personal account of her struggle to decide whether to have her breasts and ovaries removed after a positive BRCA genetic test.