In the fall of 2012, the National Cancer Institute awarded new funding to maintain and enhance the family registries at each of the six international sites of the Breast Cancer Family Registry.

This funding allows us to continue to maintain the extensive data and biospecimen resources of the Breast Cancer Family Registry, conduct active follow-up with all of our participants, update family history and other important risk factor information through questionnaires, and expand the Family Registry by inviting additional family members to participate who have not yet joined.

Most importantly, Breast Cancer Family Registry scientists will continue active collaborations with other scientists, working on a wide range of studies, including identifying new factors associated with cancer risk and survival, gene discovery, and investigations of novel behavioral interventions and risk communication programs, with the goal of translating findings into practice and policy.

To further our follow up activities, we have recently launched a new mail-in survey that will assess new and important fields of interest (such thoughts about cancer, risk of breast cancer, and personal genetics) as well as updates to medical history, lifestyle behaviors, and personal and family cancer history. The survey will be conducted in 2016 and 2017.