The Northern California Family Registry for Breast Cancer is a registry of families with a history of breast cancer. About 4,000 women and men diagnosed with breast cancer in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and over 7,100 of their family members have completed questionnaires and donated blood samples since we began in 1995. Though we have completed initial recruitment of families into the Family Registry, we continue to do active follow-up with our participants.

One very important feature of the Northern California Family Registry is the racial/ethnic diversity of our participants. Our registry includes 1,109 Hispanic, 877 African American, 920 Asian, and 1,047 non-Hispanic white families. A high level of participation by Hispanic, African American, and Asian American breast cancer families in our registry allows us to be a unique resource for answering the many unresolved questions surrounding racial/ethnic disparities in breast cancer risk and survival.

The research team at the Northern California Family Registry is comprised of scientists, interviewers and phlebotomists, program managers and coordinators, and data analysts. Our team is lead by Dr. Esther M. John, Principal Investigator.