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Editorial Guidelines

For authorized media images of Grit Daily’s logo and social-media images, please visit the media kit.

For contributors, please make sure you read Grit Daily’s Editorial Guidelines:

Before You Start:

Please email to [email protected] 

  1. Professional headshot photo (.jpg or .png) and
  2. Professional byline that complies with Grit Daily’s formatting and
  3. Best email address to associate with Grit Daily’s back-end content-management system.

Sample Byline:
Wonder Woman is a Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in _________, she …include some information about you.


When Writing:

1. Original Content Only. 

You’re welcome to republish your news article 24 hours after it has been posted to Grit Daily. Grit Daily maintains a zero tolerance policy toward plagiarism.

2. Word Count

Please make sure your piece has a minimum of 600 words.

3.  Trendy News Titles

Please refer to for good title ideas.

4.   Subject Matter

Grit Daily is a news outlet, therefore every story should surround some form of trending news (max seven (7) days). Thus, full-on investigative reporting is welcome.

5. Expert Opinions

If you are a subject-matter expert, you are more than welcome to analyze a particular news story, providing your own opinion and take-away from the piece. If you’re an expert you can “analyze it.” 

6. Grammar Usage
  • Avoid exclamation points (!),  ellipses (…), slashes (/) and ampersands (&)
  • Common nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs should be lower case.
  • Remember we are a news outlet.
7. Linking Out 

Each news story requires at least one (1) link to another reputable news source with respect to any research.

No affiliate or promotional links, as they are not reliable and only hurt the outlet’s ranking, indexing, and of course, credibility (including yours). For affiliate links, please see Grit Daily’s Advertising Page.

8. Internal Links

Ever notice when you read Bloomberg, Forbes, ABC, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, USA Today, etc. why they are always linking to internal stories that other writers from their outlet have done?

Always use internal links. An internal link is one that points to another page on the same news site– in this case, that “same news site” is Grit Daily. Usually the best route is to link back to your own latest article on Grit Daily.

9. Conflicts of Interest

If you run a company and want to market it, be sure to mention that in your biography only. People respect your willingness to “give” by covering and analyzing news, first.

Please do not mention your own company in your articles.

10. Using WordPress to Publish Your Article

Please email your editor for the WordPress Instructions and our associated guidelines with publishing to the platform.

Associated Press Editorial Guidelines

For all other editorial guidelines, we follow Associated Press — or AP — style.

For more assistance, please visit the “AP-style cheat sheet” here.