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Here you will find the latest in the consumer market, including, but not limited to fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, and more.

The Best AC Power Cord of 2021 [Our Top 8 Picks]

Nothing beats a basic necessity like an AC power cord. The “AC” stands for adapter cable. If you have a device that requires electricity then you more than likely have used an AC power cord or will require one for future use. Surprisingly there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing what might seem like a basic item. Is it polarized or not polarized? Is it UL safety certified? And what length do you need? Do you want a cable that is chew-proof? This handy guide can help you decide what AC power cord is right for you and worth your hard-earned money.

The 7 Best PS4 Power Cord for the Avid Gamer [Our 2021 Top Picks]

Although the more recent PlayStation 5 model made headlines for selling out quickly and being impossible to find at stores nationwide, the older PlayStation 4 model continues to be reliable and works just as well. The PlayStation 4 was first released back in 2016 but continues to be a popular gaming console. However, what happens when your PS4 console power cord stops working? Or a beloved pet chews on the cord, causing power failure? Check out our list of the eight best power cords for the PlayStation 4 when you’re in need of a replacement.

The Best 10 Butter Dish Picks of 2021

Butter is an ingredient that everyone uses in the kitchen at some point, whether it is being used as an ingredient for a recipe or slathered on some toast. A butter dish allows the butter to be ready at a moment’s notice, keeping a stick or so at room temperature and easily spreadable. However, not every butter dish is the same.

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